LECTROWELD - Exothermic Welding

Copper and Aluminium LECTROWELD Exothermic Welding

The LECTROWELD exothermic welding system is suitable for the joining of:
Material Joined Weld Metal

Copper to Copper
Copper to Steel
Copper to Rail Steel
Copper to Cast Iron
Steel to Steel
“Cu” series of weld metal
“Cu” series of weld metal
“Cu” series of weld metal
“Ci” series of weld metal
“Cu” series of weld metal
Aluminium to Aluminium
Aluminium to Copper
“Al” series of weld metal
“Al” series of weld metal

The design of the mould weld cavity, tap hole, crucible etc is different for copper and aluminium joints, and therefore moulds for copper cannot be used for aluminium and vice versa.

The emphasis in this catalogue is on Copper type connections.

Special weld metals are formulated for “special” types of joints, cf. High voltage cable joints, large bus bar connections etc. In each case our Technical Staff will ensure the correct formulation.

The Cu and Al series of weld metals is a deflagration process of metal oxides reacted with aluminium. This exothermic reaction creates an instant and very high temperature metal pool that is used to metallurgically fuse the conductors together.

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