LECTROTECH - Early Streamer Lightning Rod


-Ingesco ESE Lightning Rod provides protection levels according to the IEC Standards UNE 21.186 and NF C 17-102.

- Completely effective in handling the lightning discharge.
- Carries lightning current without resistance.
- Non-electric lightning rod (self energising).
- No electronics, thus no risk of failure.
- No external power required.
- No special maintenance.
- Certificates of approval.

The principle of operation is based on the abrupt increase of the electric field produced by the storm phenomena moments before a lightning discharge, causing strong ionization directed towards the cloud. This ionized channel is a path for possible discharge from the cloud to the ESE tip. When discharged, the lightning bolt will travel along this ionized path and attach to the desired point of the ESE. This energy is safely taken to earth. This effect is directly proportional to the increasing electric field and becomes more intense before an imminent lightning strike.

ESE design:
A positive charge is accumulated on the loading accumulation system bars. This allows an early streamer emission of proportional action to that of the cloud charge.

The protection RADII Rp(m) are calculated according to
NF C 17-102 pp2.2.3.2 for heights of h=20m.

In accordance with standards UNE 21.186 & NF C 17-102
Protection level 1, 11 & 111 are according to the lightning risk assessment guide. Annex B UNE 21.186& NF C 17-102. Rp in the table is by placing the ESE device on a 5 m (h) mast and above the structure to be protected. (Total h:20m). D= Initiation distance m.


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