LECTROWELD - Exothermic Welding

The LECTRO-TECH LECTROWELD exothermic connection

- Will carry more current than the parent conductors
- Is permanent
- Will not loosen
- Will not corrode
- Is cost effective
- Is made without any external power source
- Is easy to use with a portable tool kit


LECTROWELD Copper Welding Process.

The LECTROWELD welding process is a self-contained method of making low resistance permanent joints in electrical conductors.
The joint is made by a high temperature reaction of powdered copper oxide and aluminium that takes place in the crucible, forming a molten copper, that runs into the cavity, forming the join in the conductors.

The Process:
The weld metal is retained in the crucible. The starter is ignited that sets off an exothermic reaction in the weld metal. A very high temperature copper alloy instantaneously melts the retaining disc and flows down the tap hole into the weld cavity. This hot metal flow melts the conductor faces and on solidification forms a perfect metallurgical joint in the conductors. The weld is of a high mechanical
strength and excellent electrical integrity.

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