LECTROTECH - Air Termination Finials

An easy to use finial that has a swivel base that is adjustable from horizontal to the vertical position.
The BLITZ Finial Rod and Base are available WITH or WITHOUT a BLITZ Finial Tip.
The finial rod is available in 500mm and 1000mm lengths.

Surface Finish Silver Passivated Zinc
Size: 16mm x 500mm
BLITZ Finial with Tri-Tip

Code: P-100
Size: 16mm x 1000mm
1) BLITZ Finial with Tri-Tip
2) BLITZ Finial with Point Tip

Code: P-102
Code: P-103




Where long finial rods are required this system is used with standard copper plated earth rods that are used as the finial rod.
The Finial Rod can be used with or without a STRIKE Finial Tip. The finial tip is internally threaded M16.

1 STRIKE Brass Finial Tip M16 Code: P-123
2 STRIKE M16 Base Vertical Code: P-130
3 STRIKE M16 Base Adjustable Code: P-132
4 STRIKE Finial M16x500mml Code: P-140
4-a One end threaded Code: P-150
4-b Both ends threaded for Longer Finial Rods - see Earth Rods Code: P-151

Surface finish: Copper electro-plated
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