Lightning Prediction System



Code: P-251


AMEO 340 lightning detection system, by INEO, will anticipate lightning strikes within a 15 km radius of the sensor and warns the user of the possibility of a lightning strike and also indicates actual strikes.

AMEO 340 lightning detector measures the level and variations of the electrostatic field in real time. This information is processed by the control module that will activate the storm risk alarm and lightning strike alarm.

The probability of lightning strikes is linked to the electrostatic field in the storm cloud.
This value differs according to the local conditions:
- the geography viz altitude, geology of the land etc.
- the meteorological conditions viz hydrometry, aerology, pressure, atmospheric pollution.
- the keraunic level, the shape of infrastructure and orientation in the area.

The natural threshold of a lightning strike trigger point is approximately 5-8kV/m on plains and 9-17 kV/m in mountains. AMEO 340 gives warning before these threshold limits are reached within the 15 km radius.


AMEO 340 will provide a reliable lightning prediction, detection and warning system for:
- Sports stadiums
- Industrial plants
- Energy plants
- Transport
- Communication
- Mining

AMEO 340 is light and easy to install. The module is wall mounted and the sensor is externally mounted. The serial output of the measuring unit can be connected to a modem or a computer for the visualisation and recording (time stamping) of the electrostatic field evolution. Remote monitoring is possible.


Appearance/Material Moulded aluminium box epoxy painted 19" polycarbonate case, aluminium front face covered with lexan label
Dimensions mm L = 120; H = 130; D = 204 L = 226; H = 236; D = 147
Mass kg 2 2.6
Protection index PI 53 50
Mounting 50 mm pole Wall mount
Power consumption mA 130 225
Operating temperature degrees C -20 to +55 0 to +50
Usable detection radius Km 15 or dependant on site conditions  
15 or dependant on site conditions - Backlit LCD screen, threshold indicator, buzzer
Parameterisation   4-key keyboard - drop down menu
Connection Detachable connector Screwed terminal
Inputs   Optic fibre (protector spark-over count)
AON outputs   Contacts: N/O 2A 250V ca:
Alarm 1.2, thunderstorm default
Analog outputs mA   Current loop: 0-20 or 4-20
Digital outputs RS 485 Modbus RTU RS 485 Modbus RTU
Resolution V/m 20  
Dynamics kV/m +/- 100  
Supply voltage V 24 or 48 DC 24 or 48 DC or 230 AC
Connecting cable 2 pairs 0.5sqmm screened cables
Standards compliance EC certified material by an independent laboratory, METRACEM, report no 26086

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