How to use LECTROWELD Exothermic Welding Igniters

Makes 30-40 lights, spare flints available.
Recharge from the mains about every
300 to 400 sparks.
Take one heaped spoon of starting powder and sprinkle half across the surface of the weld metal. Place a small amount on the mould edge opposite the cap notch
Follow the first two steps as for the Flint Ignitor.
Close the mould cap. Place the balance of the starting powder in the cup of the mould cover.
Move the RED slide switch on the hand unit of the SPARK IGNITER to ON.
Flint igniter is used to ignite the starting powder in the cover cup.
Place one probe into the starting powder in the cover cup. The probe alongside the “line” MUST be uppermost and not touching the starting powder or mould cover.

When spark becomes weak replace flints.

A flint lasts for about 30-40 sparks.


Briefly press the round red button. A spark will ignite the starting powder. Remove probe from mould. Switch OFF.
When spark becomes weak recharge from mains. Each charge lasts about 300--400 sparks.

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