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Lectro-Tech's offices and factory are located in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa. Sandton is about 15km North of Johannesburg. Established in 1998, Lectro-Tech started off as a specialist company manufacturing copper plated earth rods. It has subsequently added products to its earthing range and developed the exothermic welding product range. At the same time it has forged relationships with other specialist companies so as to offer a full and complete range of earthing-grounding, exothermic welding and lightning protection products. It conducts research on lightning products through WITS University.

Lectro-Tech are approved suppliers to the national electrical supplier, telecommunications, earthing and lightning installers, industry, electrical suppliers etc. Lectro-Tech is growing in the international market with sales distribution in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

The directors of Lectro-Tech have served in the earthing and lightning industry since 1985.

Earth Rod Manufacturing
An earth rod manufacturing plant was commissioned in 2002. A second new plant was installed in 2005. The earth rods manufactured carry the SABS Mark of Quality.

Exothermic Welding Manufacturing
A new facility for the full production of graphite moulds, tools and weld metal was installed in late 2002. Weld metal for copper and aluminium welding is supplied. Services include, joint and mould design, and training.

Lightning Protection
Lectro-Tech has a specialist production facility for lightning finials and accessories. Lectro-Tech also works with The University of the Witwatersrand on research and development of special lightning terminals.

Lectro-Tech has agreements with International specialist Companies for the supply of lightning warning systems and Early Streamer Emission lightning rods.

Tel No.: +27 (0)11 786-4818
Fax No.: +27 (0)11 786-4819
Email: info@lectro-tech.co.za
Address: 712 - 6th Street, Wynberg, Gauteng, South Africa
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