E-Mix & E-Mix super conductive

Two different compounds are available, both are an easy to use compound that:
- reduces soil resistivity,
- improves earth electrode contact with soil,
- improves grounding earth resistance,
- traps moisture,
- will not leach out over time.
E-Mix and E-Mix Super Conductive have been tested by independent authorities.

Resistivity 1.9 Ωm Conductivity 5.2mS/m
Cement included, ready to mix with water.
Size: 0.03 m3 | Code: E-170

Resistivity 0.1 Ωm Conductivity 100mS/m
Conforms to EN 50164-7 & IEC 62561-7
Cement included, ready to mix with water.
Size: 0.03 m3 | Code: E-172
EARTH RESISTANCE CALCULATOR: Contact us for a copy of our "E-Mix Earth Resistance Calculator"
- for single vertical rod
- for trench earth
- resistance "with" and "with-out" E-Mix
- number of bags of E-Mix required 
Mix the cement supplied in the bag with the E-Mix compound with water to give a slurry consistency.
Drilled hole-(70-100mm dia):
Fill hole to approx. 50% of depth with E-Mix.
Place earth rod in centre of hole.
Fill the rest of the hole with E-Mix.
Agitate rod to remove air-pockets. 
Trench-(250-300mm wide):
Add half the depth (25-30mm) of E-Mix to trench and allow to set so that earth conductor is supported.
Place earth conductor on top of E-
Mix in trench and add a further 25-30mm of E-Mix.
Allow E-Mix to semi-harden (24 hours depending on temperature) before backfilling trench.
Compact backfill 48 hours later. 



- HOW many bags of E-Mix is required: 



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